Change, mend, and move forward with your health.

Supportive Coaching
Nutrition Education
Focus on Family
Breastfeeding Support
Foundational Health

About The Organic Southerner:

This private practice offers guidance through health challenges and supports lifestyle changes.  Through the work of McKale Fleming, LMT, CBS, IHC clients enjoy a compassionate and wholesome approach to their health with early childhood challenges and adult health challenges.

“Our body was built to change, mend, and move.

When our innate ability to repair is shut down by stress, illness, or nutrition deprivation, dysfunction happens. Through guided support, coaching, and lifestyle re-balancing, our bodies can return to a healthy state. Our systems can reboot, and internal processes can run smoothly again.”

Become sovereign in your own health.

Create a Foundation

Start at the basics and build your staircase back to optimal health. I'll help you create the blueprint you need for success.

Address Challenges

As you build your health foundation, you're bound to hit a snag or two. Together we can identify key factors that are holding you back.

Coach to Better Habits

The path to being the master of your own health is easier to walk when it's clear. Coaching sessions give you space to pave the way.

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