A Mantra for Mamas

In this post, we’ll talk about important it is for us as parents to have personal time.

I’ve got a fun activity for you to complete this week geared towards Mamas. A Mantra. It works like this:

When you wake up, before you’ve stepped out of your bed say three times: “I’m the best Mom when I take care of myself.”

Seems a bit backwards right? Aren’t I suppose to feed my children? And like, bathe them? Clothe them?

Well, yeah. They’re kind of our responsibility. We do have to do these things. You know what we don’t have to, or need to do? Forget ourselves. Not take care of ourselves. Yet, it happens all the time. It happens so much and so often, it’s just understood as a Mom you will be tired. As a Mom, you will be run down. Should it be like that?

I was that Mama. I would schedule my entire day based on my son. My needs always came secondary, and it was terribly difficult for me to ask for support or time off as “mom” because I felt guilty. As a society, if you are away from your child for a weekend, you are doing it wrong. If you are with your child constantly, you are doing it wrong. Where do we draw the line here?

It starts with you. What brings balance to your personal life? What allows you to be yourself, while still being Mom? Respect those answers you give yourself, they are your tools. This Mantra (“I’m the best Mom when I take care of myself.”) I’ve offered you to practice is just one step forward, use those tools to help you implement more self care into your schedule.

Need some ideas? Creating a bed time “Settle In” routine for myself was the biggest step for me in learning how to self-care, so let’s start there. If you enjoy reading, it can be a great decompression tool for your end of the day routine. Ideally before bed, you should allow yourself 20 minutes to read before letting your head hit the pillow. A great option if you need some fresh reading material is this book geared towards Moms with a focus on keeping things humorous with stories both authors have experienced with their children.

If reading isn’t your thing maybe a relaxing soak in the tub is. I feel amazing afterwards, like I’ve left the funk of the day physically and emotionally behind.

These are just to give you an idea of what might work, in addition to those tools you discovered earlier when I asked about what you find helps you still enjoy being an individual. As such a crucial part of the family puzzle, we owe it to ourselves and our families to take care of “Mom.” Put aside the guilt, you are not forsaking your responsibilities by allowing yourself to be a priority. You are demonstrating to your children and partner to value their own self care.

So don’t forget, three times in a row every morning: I’m the best Mom when I take care of myself!

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