Support for Sustainability

In this post, we’ll talk about why support and consistency lead us to making our lifestyle changes sustainable.

Commitment. It’s a misunderstood and undervalued word. It’s gotten a bad rap, and in our constantly evolving lifestyle it’s even looked at as a hindrance.

There’s a pattern I see with most of my clients. “I don’t have enough time” and “That’s just too much money” are very real battles for us in this time. We’ve got kids to feed, we’ve got jobs that aren’t paying us enough for our quality work and long hours. There are expenses a mile long to keep a household, and we’re paying out thousands to get a proper education. How is anyone supposed to find the time and resources to give to their health and well-being when all these circumstances are at play?

We allow commitment to become an asset again, instead of a burden. It’s not committing to our health and wellness that’s the problem, it’s figuring out how to take that step. That first step on the staircase to a better diet, less stress, work-life balance; whatever is at the top of that climb for you. Making a commitment to yourself means opening more doors and improving situations you felt you had no time to manage. When we commit to take care of ourselves, we’re creating a domino effect into all areas of our life. We find value in ourselves that we had missed before.

Let’s take health coaching for example. Coaching programs usually take extended amounts of time to complete. Why? Because you’re making a commitment to care for yourself, and behavior change takes time. Habits take time to form, good or bad, so we’re looking at commitment to make changes over time that will last. Support from our health coach keeps us motivated, and the accountability partnership keeps us moving forward. 

Our health coaching program takes 3 months to complete, which is seven sessions. We have clients who initially want to know why we’re asking for a 3 month commitment because they are worried about the ability to come, or the ability to pay.  Think about it like this; you can either pay an inexperienced mechanic to fix your car for cheap, or an experienced mechanic for more money. That money you saved by going to the inexperienced mechanic won’t hold up in the long run, and you’ll find yourself having to dish out more cash to cover his mistakes. If you invest in the experienced mechanic, that money has been spent well and your investment over time will pay off. 

If we asked for less than a three month commitment you would not see the results you’d want. You’d feel you’ve wasted time and resources, and we won’t be able to give you the support and accountability you need from us. That time commitment and investment is made to yourself for an optimal outcome.

We want you to find the tools you need to make those changes for yourself, and keep them going.

It’s time to make commitment a tool instead of an obstacle!

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