Why Choose Us

We see clients who are ready to experience care in a more focused light. We spent time with you to help understand how your lifestyle is positively or negatively affecting your health, and changes you’d like to personally address. There’s no pressure on making changes you aren’t prepared to make. We work within your limitations and help to form care plans that allow you to use your individual strengths to achieve success long term, resulting in a happier and healthier client.

Highly Experienced

Years of specialized education in multifacted areas of expertise mean you are getting an evidence based care plan and up to date information.

Billable to Insurance

Currently our clinic issues Superbills to our clients for them to turn into their health insurance companies for potential reimbursement depending on their plan.

Individualized Care

Everyone deserves to be heard and understood. By spending adequate time with our clients we ensure we have a foundation of understanding of who you are, and how to structure your care plan that will be most successful for you as a person.

What questions can we answer for you?

We offer free consultations to help identify what service would be most beneficial to help you reach your individual goals. Included with our fees, our clients have convenient and unlimited communication with their provider to ensure support is always a call or text away.

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