I'm McKale.

I’m an Allied Health Professional with a dream to heal, educate, and ultimately make a positive impact on our future generations. My plan to achieve this is simple: take what I’ve learned and give you the tools you need for your own goals.

You'll always find compassionate care here. I've been where you are!

What makes me different than other practitioners? 

Before my journey into nutrition education, I struggled to understand what eating well for myself looked like. I knew what was considered “healthy” and I tried to abide by that. What I didn’t know is “healthy” is different for all of us!

We are all unique, with unique needs from our food. Exploring my ancestry and genetics showed me deficiencies I had that were stalling my weight loss, dragging down my thyroid, and impacting my overall health.

Through changing certain foods in my diet (including some “healthy” foods) plus supplement support, I was able to gain control of my personal health obstacles and move past them. I realized this is something not only my family could benefit from, but others too. 

Duke University Health Coaching Program

I discovered health coaching through the process of my nutrition education, and in pursuit of improving my ability to balance my family life and work life. This wonderful process allowed me the support and accountability I needed to find my strengths, and how to use the tools I already had to achieve my goals.

This propelled me further into personalized health, and I knew I wanted to gain this skill that opens doors and creates space for my clients. It has become a vital piece of the puzzle for many of my clients in experiencing lasting lifestyle change. Habits you don’t want? Kick them with health coaching! Stress you can’t manage? health coaching! It’s a beautiful, medication-free way to wade your own waters and come out on the other side.

Conquering breastfeeding after a traumatic birth

On my journey towards whole person health, I encountered an obstacle. I became pregnant with my second child. Even as a healthy adult, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and preeclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy.

An induction at 37 weeks and 3 liters of blood loss later (long story) my second baby boy was my gift. My recovery was tough! Thankfully through diet and supplementing minerals, I was able to recover and still make plenty of milk for my baby.

Breastfeeding was such a natural experience for me with my first child, and then my second child threw me for a loop! After pain with every latch once we arrived home from the hospital, I finally reached out to a Lactation Consultant for help. Through positioning adjustment, education on HOW breastfeeding worked, and understanding the reflexes my baby was using to nurse, I was able to experience breastfeeding again the way it was meant to be, PAIN-FREE!

This felt like the final piece to complete my health puzzle. 
I wanted to share this knowledge with other families, who wanted to breastfeed and needed to know they were capable and able. I share my personal stories of how I found my way to the roles I practice now because they all have positively impacted my life.

I’m here to be a positive impact for you, too.


I’m here to help you establish optimal health foundations for any age through lactation support, nutrition, and health behavior changes. Changing health as a family matters, and creates success that lasts.

Same Day Services

Busy schedules mean taking advantage of time when it comes, so I’m available to you down to the last minute. I have virtual options to keep you engaged without having to come into the office.

Collaborative Care

Keeping a consistent care plan is important for long term success. I’ll send reports weekly to the providers involved in your care.

HIPAA Trained

Your privacy is extremely important to me. I’m HIPAA trained and certified in the latest regulations. I will always ask your permission before sharing your information with any other health care provider.

Client Portal

Book your appointments online, access your care plans and see records of all your visits on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

Organic Outlook

Only high quality products will do for my clients. I stock organically derived vitamins, supplements, and retail products.

What clients say..

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