Cheat Foods - It's Okay

In this post, we’ll talk about how our dietary habits can’t always be perfect, and how we shouldn’t expect them to be.

Tonight, we had pie.

Delicious, not in the slightest nutritious, pie. Honestly, we had a complete cheat day.

Excuse me, you think. You’re the one suppose to be helping me eat healthier! Yep, and I absolutely will! That being said, there should always be room in your diet for cheating. Do you know why? Human nature demands that when someone tells us something is not a good idea, we find that we MUST do this, just to test a theory. It’s a natural response to want to do what someone tells you not to do. It’s crazy! And true.

Pie is not your enemy.

Lack of moderation is. A standard “diet” plan calls for mostly no sweets. You are motivated to start cleaning up your diet, but when you realize you’ll be cutting out a lot of different things from your diet all at once to adhere to this you feel overwhelmed. You begin to feel not as confident about your ability to really change your habits.

Change comes from within. You are your best keeper, your best advocate. When goal setting with my clients, it can surprise me the suggestions they find that work for themselves; things that I might not have considered a fit for them. When my clients make their own goals, they keep them more efficiently than had I started off with, “Well Karen, no more cupcakes. Ever.” Right? 🙄However, if Karen felt comfortable cutting down said cupcakes to only once or twice a week instead of everyday, then she’s going to feel great when she has a goal that she can achieve. She knows she can do it, and with that confidence level she will naturally find an even higher goal to achieve. Maybe only cupcakes every other Friday, or only once a month. Who knows how high she can go when she knows how to pace her goals in an achievable manner. These conversations come easily when you’re dealing with a great health coach who can help you with a plan of action that works for your personality and tendencies.

Be good to yourself.

Give yourself a break, the biggest obstacle you face is admitting you know something needs improvement. Be kind to yourself, compassionate with your habits, and understand change will come when you allow yourself to be open to it. Needing some extra guidance on where to start with sustainable meals that are both delicious and nutritious? Get in touch!

For myself and my family, we enjoy as many healthy treats as we can. However, usually once every 3-4 weeks, my husband and I will look at each other and know; today is the day.

Today, we eat pie. 


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