The Balance of Breastfeeding

In this post, we’ll talk about how your lactation consultant can offer support in unexpected ways.

My vision as a breastfeeding specialist is this: baby is fed, family is happy.

I don’t hate bottles. I don’t hate pacifiers, and I don’t hate formula. They all have their place in our society.

Being completely real, we in the US still aren’t breastfeeding friendly where it counts. It’s still a gamble if you’ll have a positive or negative experience when breastfeeding in public. Our workplaces are just now beginning to accommodate breastfeeding friendly spaces. Most prominently, our birthing process has become too heavily medically managed. Considering these circumstances, how have we adapted?

Formula feeding. Bottles. Pacifiers.

Causing guilt or shame for utilizing tools we’ve been forced to adapt to is counterproductive to say the least. We lactation professionals are here to support you, your goals, and the breastfeeding journey you envision. We’re also here to keep you informed on the differences between artificial milk and human milk. It’s a part of our role to explain to you why it’s important to delay pacifier and bottle use until a healthy breastfeeding relationship is established. Our place in your care team is to protect the breastfeeding dyad (mom and baby) as a whole.

This process requires a delicate balance. We want you to know the difference between formula and breast milk AND at the same time we want you to hold your head up if you’ve got to supplement baby with formula while we address any lactation challenges. We want you to know how to see and understand your baby’s cues without hiding them AND we know the pacifier makes car rides easier for you. Lastly, we KNOW it’s tough being the sole food source. We understand you want to involve Dad, Grandma, and other family members in feeding your baby. Bottles allow you to do this, and to feed your baby in public where you might not be comfortable nursing.

So this is why I don’t hate our adapted tools. I am thankful we have them when we need them. I look forward to our society evolving into a more breastfeeding friendly culture where breastfeeding is the norm. Through our evolution, I’ll still be here by your side, helping protect your breastfeeding journey and supporting you through these obstacles as we grow.

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