365 Days of Progress

In this post, we’ll talk about how new years resolutions can be revamped to be more productive.

Happy 2020!

I’d like to start by saying, I am so grateful to be alive and well. My family is healthy, my business is growing, and things are coming together.

That being said, BYE 2019! 

I’m ready for 365 days to make more progress, chart new adventures, and get 365 more chances to elevate my self-care.

A new year means a lot of folks are busy making new years resolutions. Expectations are set, and gyms are poppin’. Goals for dieting are made, and more nutritious meals are in mind. 

This all seems like a lot to swallow at once, because it is! Many people hit significant road blocks as they put their plans in motion to achieve these resolutions. What are the key components that might be missing?

The VALUE and the VISION!

Setting goals is great, but what’s more important is understanding the value in reaching these goals for yourself and the vision you see of yourself getting there.

Let’s take nutrition for example.

When you go into the grocery store, can you pick out food items you know are good for YOU? Are you diabetic, dairy intolerant, gluten sensitive? Have you been diagnosed with IBS, Crohns, or Celiacs Disease?

Everyone is unique, and has circumstances that are different. This means understanding the foods that are appropriate for yourself is key to healthy weight loss, feeling better, and getting control over what you’re eating no matter where you are. Following a diet can be a great success for a short period of time, but can lose effectiveness over time for a multitude of reasons. The key to longevity lies in the understanding of how food affects you personally.

So! Identify the value in the goal for yourself. WHY is it important? List them out! Are you wanting to lose weight so you can keep up with your grandchildren as they grow? For your heart health? Find the VALUE!

Then consider your VISION! Visualize yourself at your end-goal, and consider the pieces of the puzzle to assemble that vision. 

Consider a nutrition counselor for help with identifying proper nutrition for your unique needs , or a health coach if you find that self-starting can be challenging.

You’ve got another 365 days to make progress, make the most of it!

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