What's up with my Thyroid?

In this post, we’ll talk about why thyroid issues are so common now, and what we can do to improve them.

This is personal for me.

▶ For those who know me as an individual and not just for my business, you will know that my giving birth to my second child threw me into a whirlwind of health challenges. This is where my thyroid turned against me.

“It’s genetic.” I was told, after receiving my lab results. My family history agreed with this statement, but I didn’t. I wasn’t okay with letting my genetics control my outcome, because they don’t. Do we inherit genes that put us at risk for certain health challenges? Yes, definitely. Are we able to combat this? Yes, absolutely!

👩🏽‍⚕️ Let’s talk about THYROID. 🦋

If you’ve ever had blood work drawn, it’s likely you’ll see three letters on that lab report that physicians use to gauge the working capacity of your thyroid. That’s TSH. Which is actually a brain hormone, not the work horse hormone that’s either overcharged or under. That’s T3, the real underdog. We need T3 to have a balanced & healthy thyroid. 

So what helps us charge our thyroid hormone? What gets us out of the “red zone” where we’re faced with lifetime medication as the only resolution?

Since we’re digging into some REAL information here, I’m going to share my journey with you. I started at a place where most folks end up on Synthroid/Levothyroxine/younameit, and am now where I want to be; not medicated.

1 year.

It took one year for me to find my way out of dysfunction and back into balance.

▶Here were my symptoms:

  • Stagnant weight, even with breastfeeding a VERY hungry baby.
  • Hair loss; like, lots of it. More than with my first baby, and it continued well past the first year after birth.
  • Post partum depression – this a normal occurrence in postnatal situations, mine was unusual as I am not prone to anxiety and had not experienced depression at any point before. Red flag for myself.
  •  Exhaustion, even after my baby was sleeping well during the night. At 29, I was more tired than anyone my age should be.
  •  Cold hands & feet, even in the summer temperatures.
  • Probably most concerning to me, high cholesterol showed up for the first time ever on my lab work. Mind you, I’ve been eating mostly organic foods since 2008. This was a huge red flag.

So after having my own personal pity party (my husband, bless him, so patient) I knew I was capable of bringing this back from the edge. 

➡ I got serious about it, starting with foods.

1️⃣ Remove all inflammatory foods. I’m looking at you dairy, gluten, and processed foods.

2️⃣ Add in support foods such as seaweed, herbal teas, more fish, beans, lentils, and healthy oils.

3️⃣ Supplement to complement nutrition using adrenal, liver, and gut health based vitamins/minerals. IODINE!!! Don’t think that Morton’s table salt is doing it for you, it’s NOT! By the time it reaches your table, it’s depleted of most of the iodine it contains.

And finally, the most basic foundations I live by for healing.

Sunshine ☀, Grounding 🌏, and Removing Stress ☮

▶Here are the results:

  • Currently, I’ve dropped 17lbs. My husband has dropped 35lbs. (Turns out he has a severe gluten intolerance.) 
  • My hair loss has slowed down, and is starting to return to a healthy state.
  • My moods have been so much more stable, and my energy level is almost back to pre-baby status!
  • Our kids are enjoying the fruits of our labor, having health improvements of their own.
  • Most significantly, my lab numbers are all back in normal range. No more high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, creeping blood pressure. Bye! 👋🏽
The message here is clear, you can control many things about your own health. There’s not always relief on the other side of the prescription pad. Long term health means lifestyle changes, and improvements not only for yourself but your family too. If you find you need help taking the steps forward to creating a better health foundation, know that I’m here to help. I’ve walked this path, and I’ve helped others walk it too. Find strength in becoming more sovereign in your own health.

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