Mindset Shifts for Lasting Weight Loss


Learn Why Making Fundamental Changes In Your Thought Patterns Will Accelerate Weight Loss to Meet Your Goals More Quickly

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What if I told you that you didn’t need to exercise an hour or more per day and deprive yourself of your favorite foods to meet your weight loss goals? It’s true! Drop those meal bars!

Excited to learn more?

Join me as we do a deep dive into mindset shifts for lasting weight loss in this free workshop – Mindset Shifts for Lasting Weight Loss.

In this 60-minute workshop you’ll discover:

  • The most common reasons people experience weight loss resistance, (and it isn’t because they are eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise)
  • How to reframe your thoughts around food so you no longer feel anxious or guilty about food before or after eating
  • The 7 key things you need to do, (or not do), to make your weight loss goals a success
  • The key to a dedicated movement plan that doesn’t feel like another chore or just one more thing on your to-do list
  • How to release yourself from the thoughts that the only way to lose weight is to continually “diet” using the latest trend or fad going around

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